Springtime at Patoka

Clear water running over rocks underfoot- it's the sound of Spring in Southern Indiana. As dogwood trees bud, daffodils open, and waterfalls flow, the natural world calls us to shake off the sedentary snooze of winter and come out to play. The question is no longer, "what can we do?" but "where do you want to explore today?"

If you've never hiked Hemlock Cliffs, get ready for an adventure for the young and old alike. Along a mile-long hiking trail adventurers will find creeks of clean water, two waterfalls, multicolored rock and boulders to climb.  

Google it, Hemlock Cliffs, it's gorgeous. Bring a picnic and friends, or just your leashed companion for an afternoon of stunning scenery.  The simple water over rocks creates a soundtrack for rejuvenation. 

Finish your outdoorsy day with a glass of wine on the porch with us at Patoka Lake Winery and Uncork the Possibilities. Click here for directions to Hemlock Cliffs from Patoka Lake Winery.