Not Just Another 5K

Did you know there's a 5K happening on Saturday, November 4th at Patoka Lake Winery? Wine and running, sure they go together. But why a 5K? There are plenty of races to choose from in Southern Indiana. In answer to the “why”, imagine this:

You find out that your spouse’s job is going to take them to a dangerous part of the world for about a year. No exact length of time, just a time frame. This is the farthest distance and longest time you’ve been apart in 26 years of marriage. Your spouse will be armed; you’re thinking it’s time you’re armed, or it’s at least time to get a big dog.  And the out-of-state training begins next month. Oh, and you’re raising a teenager.


This is your neighbor’s story,  your best friend’s news, your nephew’s announcement.  This is why we run. The sudden seemingly single parent households. Even if we don’t experience it the same way- all the stress, anxiety and fear associated with the upheaval of deployment and reintegration- we run to support.  We are for connection and community.

We race to say, “We know your soldier isn’t the only one sacrificing.”  

We can’t say thank you enough for giving up the shared memories of birthdays, anniversaries, school performances, ball games and holidays with your loved one for this period of time. Thank you for sharing your family for all of our families. We live in the land of the free because of ALL the sacrifices made.

national guard 2.jpg

This one’s for you, Momma. Thanks for your patience, your courage and your strength before, during and after Dad’s deployment.

Who are you running for?

November 4th, 2017   2PM

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