Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning. Do you immediately think of that pile of clothes in the entryway you’ve been meaning to take to the secondhand store? Or how about that vacuuming you’ve been meaning to do, but just haven’t moved the couch out of the way? No worries, this isn’t a “how to deep scrub your bathroom” tutorial.

Spring cleaning at Patoka Lake is more about clearing your mind. Dust off the cobwebs from the corners of vacation thoughts and begin to picture yourself on a pontoon, in the sunshine. If you’re like most of us, winter can easily trap you in the doldrums of gray routine. Or maybe you’re always on the run taking kids to this practice and that competition, never having many moments to just breathe. Either way, a trip to Patoka Lake is just what the doctor ordered. Here are some suggestions from our team on how to bust out of the winter mindset and jump into spring:

April 7th: Yoga Class with a Glass. Enjoy an hour of yoga instruction with mindful sipping. Class price includes a glass of wine. Register online here.

Floating Cabins at Patoka Lake Marina. Get away from the constant emails and into the serene space that’s cleaner, quieter, and more affordable than that beach vacation you can’t bring yourself to book yet. Floating Cabins allow you to fish off the dock, grill on your deck and sip the wine you just picked up on your way in from PLW. 2 and 3 bedroom models are available so you can bring your friends along while you leave the world behind.

Patoka Lake Pub N Grub reopens for the season on March 21st. Located right next to PLW, the Pub N Grub specializes in smoked meat, BBQ and has a large bar selection. Rob’s Pulled Pork Nachos is the the perfect feel-good appetizer.


Rob’s Pulled Pork Nachos

We hope that you’ve gathered some inspiration or at least some warm-weather vibes. See you on the lake.