Patoka Lake Winery offers wines for nearly every taste...dry, semi--dry, semi-sweet, sweet, reds, whites and fruit wines. We are bottling some wines, and others are barrel aging, but we will have more than fifteen varieties of artisan and classic wines including Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Peach, Cherry, Blackberry, and other fruit wines. (See the full list below the slideshow.)

In 2016 we entered four wines into the Indy International Wine Competition, and they all won! Earning gold medals were our Captains' Chardonnay, and our Biker's Black and Blue. Our Riesling and Das Apfel Riesling both won silver medals.

See the wine list below the slideshow, or click here for the current (printable) wine list.

Wine List


Apple - Cold fermented to capture the fresh crisp aromatic taste of an apple orchard, smooth, sweet, and scrumptious.

Blackberry - Our Blackberry wine has an intense deep red coloring complemented by an aroma of fresh vanilla and a sweet sun ripened blackberry finish.

Peach - Sweet Peach feels like you are biting into a delectable fresh peach right off of the tree!

Sunset Red - Grape juice for adults! The grape aromas and flavors explode to tantalize your taste buds!

Biker's Black and Blue - One of our artisan wines, and a gold medal winner at the 2016 Indy International Wine Competition. Blackberry and Blueberry wines will race across your tongue leaving your mouth wondering what happened!

Black Cherry - One of our artisan wines. Bursting out of the bottle with flavor, the Cherry an Blackberry wines explode in your mouth!

Red, White & Blue - One of our artisan wines. Blend of Cherry, Apple, and Blueberry wines for a perfect balance of sweet and tart.


Blueberry - 100% Blueberry wine, cold fermented to capture intense fruit & color - sweet notes with subtle tartness.

Catawba - Sweet, refreshing, fruity, and moderately acidic wine with complex floral and grape aromas.

Cherry - A perfect balance of tart flavors with a cherry pie aroma.

Cranberry - Ring in the Fall season with sweet and tart flavors accompanied by the beautiful red colors of autumn leaves!

Captain's Chardonnay - One of our artisan wines, and a gold medal winner at the 2016 Indy International Wine Competition. A splash of Peach, the perfect balance of dry with a hint of sweet fruit.

Das Apfel Riesling - One of our artisan wines, and a silver medal winner at the 2016 Indy International Wine Competition. German style blend of Apple and Riesling wines balances acidity with fruit. Finishes with a taste of cinnamon!

Cran-Apple - One of our artisan wines. Celebrate the Holidays with a perfectly paired Cranberry and Apple wine! Compliments any dinner table!


Rhubarb - Draws your attention with its pink hue, holds it with a slight sweetness, and finishes with a subtle tart sharpness.


Chardonnay - The most popular white wine grape in the world, medium body wine with flavors of green apple, pear, pineapple, and citrus. Aged with french oak!